Monthly Archives: February 2015

Is a single motor or dual motor vacuum the best?

We don’t compromise when it comes to preparing your carpets for the ultimate clean!!

That’s why we use an industrial strength dual motor vacuum system to […]

Can animals & sofas live together?

With regular cleaning by the professionals at LiftOff, animal hair, fur and deposits shouldn’t be a problem.

That’s great news for those with pet allergies!!

Why LiftOff and not DIY

No doubt you’ve seen ‘off the shelf’ DIY cleaners!

Are you sure you’re using the right cleaner for the right carpet or upholstery??

Will the DIY cleaner […]

Can you clean any material?

Most materials can be cleaned but some stains are irreparable now matter what cleaning method is used.

However, if it can be cleaned then the professionals […]

Stains aren’t the end

We use specialist equipment on stains that some ‘off the shelf’ products just can’t tackle.

The professionals at LiftOff can help to ensure that those tough […]

Bring your rug back to life

Over time our rugs can become soiled and, as a result, begin to look dull.

Why not let the LiftOFF experts bring them back to life?!! […]

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